Middle Eastern girl naked – See Ushna Malik’s pussy and ass

Ushna Malik is a middle Eastern hottie with long black hair and a petite frame. She does not come across as a naughty girl given that she likes to wear jeans and tops. It is only after chatting with her that you realize what a piece of candy she is. To show off her crazy side, she invited us to her bedroom where she went from stroking her hair while we talked to removing her jeans and showing off her hot ass in a thong real quick. The speed at which she did so was amazing and left us in disbelief.

Ushna also removed her top and luckily she was not wearing a bra. She had nice small tits. They were all natural and firm. The kind that you want to grab and suck the minute you set your eyes on them. And when she threw her clothes on the carpet and leaned against the wall, she looked so sexy, so inviting and so bangable it hurt. She then moved and leaned on one side and showed off her amazing ass. She was acutely aware of what she was doing and seemed to enjoy the reaction she got.

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