What did Bonnie Bellotti do with the Champagne bottle?

I’m not one for drinking champagne at breakfast but if I woke up next to Bonnie Bellotti I’d most definitely¬† celebrate. Bonnie is a stunning British babe from Sheffield, England¬† and is a gorgeous brunette with a stunning body and in this gallery she shows it of perfectly. Wearing silk underwear which gently penetrate her pussy so as to see her cameltoe she’s already getting cocks twitching but it’s when she takes off her sil undies and you get to see that bare pussy and her tight little ass that cocks suddenly start flexing and wanting to get inside this brunette goddess.

Lying on the bed naked with her asshole and pussy on display she looks so inviting. I think if I was in the room I’d be fapping mad, I’d have to just apologize for being such a dirty bastard but truth is I don’t think I could stop myself. My question is after shoot and after working herself up between the sheets just what did she do with the empty champagne bottle? I know what most girls do but I can only imagine just what happened after the shoot.

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